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My Former Car - The Saga Continues...

And the plot is about as interesting as that other saga. But I digress...

After a week of no news from my insurance company regarding that collision that turned my Camry Hybrid into a rather unattractive lawn ornament, I finally had the call I was expecting. As I was led to believe, it's a stiff. So they're ready to pay me for it, and I get to buy something new or at least new-ish.

But of course there's paperwork to be sent in. Including the Certificate of Title, which I can't find. I knew exactly where I put it, but it's not there. Plenty of other paperwork but not the one thing standing between me and a new car. Including the purchase agreement and the brochure and even the paperwork for my previous vehicle, which goes back all the way to 1997. But Title I have none.

So after wading my way through tax forms and verifying it's gone, I get online to find out how to request a duplicate Title. And while I'm filling out forms I notice the option for something called a Paperless Title. And eventually a light dawns.

You see, California doesn't issue a Title until the lienholder is done, um, holding the lien. That should have happened four years ago but for some reason didn't; my credit union still shows up on my registration. So the reason I couldn't find the Title is because I never got it. Guess my memory of that colorful bit of paper was from my 1997 car, not the one from 2007. Which, if I'm right, means a quick trip to the credit union after the holiday to get them to straighten out my ownership so I can be an owner of said lawn ornament no more. And if I'm wrong, at least I can feel a little less senile about losing what I never had.


Oh Twitter, What Have You Done?

Looks like it's going to take me a while to figure out the new Twitter APIs. So until then, my tweets aren't going to be appearing here. Guess you'll just have to follow me there, assuming you care to read my ever more infrequent offerings.


Monday's Tweets

17:09 Packing for my trip to NYC. Taking camera gear but leaving MacBook Pro behind. Will have to survive with *ugh* work ThinkPad.


Sunday's Tweets

09:20 Was the Milgram Experiment flawed? Maybe we aren't as psychopathic as we've been told. http://t.co/Q3Bo1cEPbz
20:37 I don't appreciate being cheated, even when it wasn't intentional. So that's one Meetup group I won't be back to.


Friday's Tweets

11:29 RT @NPRAskMeAnother: RT @sweaternine What are the middle names of '90s politicos Dan Quayle, Ross Perot, and Norman Schwarzkopf? [I know!]


Thursday's Tweets

13:59 Don't tell me this is a children's book! http://t.co/8vQ1EtHqHc
20:53 RT @JohnBest59: @wilw What are you saying? the Germans didn't bomb Pearl. Maybe read a history book and find out who did. [Oh, FFS.]


Wednesday's Tweets

08:53 Covering trade show booth on my own most of today. Can't count on salescritters at all, not that I'm surprised.
09:10 Slow start to the morning. http://t.co/7todePIdQV
09:15 If you ever wondered how BlackBerry lost the smartphone war, read this. http://t.co/1pbLb7eaHc
16:41 Trapped at the convention center. Guys in charge shipped our boxes off on a truck. Have to wait while they bring them back. Not happy.


Monday's Tweets

18:11 RT @BennyAce: On reaching 88 mph, Marty McFly's DeLorean explodes. Fireball kills him, Doc, & dog. #IfGeorgeRRMartinWroteIt [The dog too?]
18:41 Carl Kasell may not be a rock star, but at least we can say he's rock star adjacent. http://t.co/uKTrubyapA @waitwait


Friday's Tweets

10:12 That smoking gun about the IRS head visiting the White House 157 times? Not so smoking after all. http://t.co/XfetWKLHmN
11:44 Cool! @NPRAskMeAnother is taping an episode in Central Park while I'm in NYC. Can't wait to see @jonathancoulton again!


Thursday's Tweets

12:31 RT @pourmecoffee: New iOS / Android app claims to "cure" homosexuality in 60 days http://t.co/gYoUPLs1HU [Want an app to cure Christianity.]
17:00 DId you know you can't buy HFCS? I didn't. Not that I want to, but still. http://t.co/zOcVQOm5qE
17:32 @Molly23 Nothing worse than an incompetent bot. Okay, some things are worse.


Wednesday's Tweets

06:03 RT @joshtpm: Wtf?!?!?!? Michele Bachmann leaving congress! http://t.co/leQKCN2Uvw [Definitely mixed feelings about this one.]
07:43 @ThePlumLineGS Surprised they didn't call it scandalous.
17:36 @TheAshleyClem You knew you were going to say that, didn't you?


Tuesday's Tweets

10:50 Just spent a crazy amount on a ticket to Broadway musical I've already seen in SF and didn't like much. Logical, right?


Sunday's Tweets

19:09 @JosephScrimshaw Uhhhh... don't give up your day job.


Friday's Tweets

12:39 @HelloTheFuture I know that hotel very well. Stayed there a couple of weeks ago, sadly without filkers.
16:29 This is weird. Suddenly my glacially slow DSL is uploading at 10x the rate my router says it's capable of. Have I said too much?


Thursday's Tweets

10:57 Go ahead, waste an hour or two. You'll be glad you did. http://t.co/VM2H0TwkhJ
17:31 Am I a bad atheist if I crave a RT from @TheTweetOfGod? Cuz I am, and I do.


Tuesday's Tweets

17:12 Electronics kit for kids? Forget them; I want one for me! http://t.co/iodbXkHHZv


Monday's Tweets

11:09 After Ever After - DISNEY Parody [Amazing and disturbing.] http://t.co/JXd1d6z20I
12:07 Picked up at a comic con in San Jose yesterday. Artist worked on P&TB. He's a fan of @yakkopinky like me. http://t.co/JqGiGKkNe5
12:10 Also got this. Story of my job, if not my life. He also had one of lil' Greedo saying "it wasn't even loaded." http://t.co/mnBzhhuY6l
18:32 Via @reduced, @HESHerman reviews an Allan Sherman bio. The latter Sherman was a huge influence, which explains a lot. http://t.co/kio8whPY8j
18:47 @HESherman I just ordered the Allan Sherman bio for my iPad. And it's all your fault! Thanks for that.
20:19 RT @DeathStarPR: Hooray! Best. Assignment. Ever. http://t.co/Nkibg95U48 [Cue the ominous music.]


Saturday's Tweets

17:45 First visit to Safari West in Santa Rosa, & first use of 70-200mm F/4 with 1.4x teleconverter. Both rock! http://t.co/UgnyNC93RZ


Friday's Tweets

09:07 Is this what they mean by Evolution in Action? http://t.co/DF10w2t4CJ


Thursday's Tweets

15:16 RT @DarrellIssa: Hey folks, #ObamaCareInThreeWords -- go! [Care we need.]
15:28 Oh. My. Gawd. http://t.co/VLIn78GkBO
20:09 Music so excellent i just happily paid 8 clams for it @bandcamp: http://t.co/ZnuFOFx9Uk (By a #jccc2 veteran, not that that matters.)


Wednesday's Tweets

07:16 Award winning photo accused of fakery is declared genuine. Digital analysis isn't all it's cracked up to be. http://t.co/sd6clNJDGI
08:17 Google's "do no evil"? Yeah, that's a load of crap. http://t.co/FvZDrFmrrS
18:50 @alwayscoffee Buy it. But understand this: pictures or it didn't happen.
18:54 @alwayscoffee Hanging in there, Ali. Trying to decide if I want to take a trip on my forced vacation the week of July 4th.
19:00 @alwayscoffee Company shutdown that week. So I have to use vacation. Thinking scenic railroad in southern Colorado.
19:41 Planning a trip to southern Colorado to ride scenic trains. Said trains' website has other ideas. Techfail to the max. Or is that webfail?


Monday's Tweets

10:33 RT @igorvolsky: Issa explains the Benghazi cover-up on Fox: "an act of terror is different than a terrorist attack." [It is?]


Saturday's Tweets

09:01 I find this vaguely... disturbing. http://t.co/aakAYRbYM1


Friday's Tweets

08:09 Pretty empty flight back from Phoenix. Long time since I had a row to myself.
21:08 @petersagal The college? Or did you mean Harry Mudd? @billprady


Wednesday's Tweets

07:05 What's good for the Photoshop is good for the Photoshopper, right? http://t.co/RTJZOiNkbb
10:42 Sitting at my gate at SJC. Off to Phoenix today to talk Java at http://t.co/zZEIe0ti28. Hope it's less gray than San Jose today.


Tuesday's Tweets

07:54 @mkwiles It's easy to see people online as not really people. Not so satisfying to abuse someone when you can see their reaction.
16:18 Amazing penguin photo, even more because it isn't Photoshop. http://t.co/QCAVtALg06


Monday's Tweets

07:11 RT @flargh: What do I have to do to get Westboro Baptist Church to picket my funeral? [For one thing, you have to die.]
16:20 Pay $50 a month for Photoshop until I die? Not gonna happen, Adobe. Guess it's CS5 forever, or until someone makes a good alternative.
16:27 @adelnation Not unless there's a Mac version. And not without Portraiture, my favorite plugin.


Saturday's Tweets

10:25 Could be trouble comin'. http://t.co/FK48Fl0d52


Thursday's Tweets

16:48 @nprscottsimon @whyy I somehow expected the Michael Jordan of interviewers to be taller.


Tuesday's Tweets

05:27 Up for a 5am WebEx conference. Gonna be a long, ugly day.